Monday, October 19, 2009

New committee of Keranigonj Upzilla of Dhaka City IDP formed

New committee of Keranigonj Upzilla of Dhaka City branch of Islamic Democratic Party(IDP) has been formed. Maolana Mahbubur Rahman, president of Dhaka City branch of IDP forms the new committee.

At Monday, 19 October, 2009 after Esha prayer 4-membered temporary committee of Keranigonj Upzilla was formed. This committee will organize all the companions and take all the measurements to form a full committee as soon as possible. Mufthi Nur-Uddin and Maolana Nur Islam has been selected as the president(Amir) and secretary of Keranigonj upzilla respectively. Secretary and organizing secretary of Dhaka city branch of IDP was present in the committee formation meetings.

After forming the committee secretary of Dhaka city IDP give some advisory speech. He said, "We(IDP) have been continuing our best effort to establish a honesty-based society in our in our country". He advised the new committee members to be idle for the mankind by practicing 'Taqwa', 'Aklakh' as like the Sahabah(R) of prophet Hazrath Mohammad(PBUH).

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